eBike Tuneups and Repairs

Keep your ebike running like new.
From brake adjustments to electrical diagnostics, we'll handle any issue, big or small.

eBike Assembly

Got a new ebike in a box? 
Don't sweat it! We'll get it built safely and correctly, so you can hit the trails worry-free.

eBike Conversions

Want to electrify your trusty ride?
We have the kits to transform your regular bike into a powerful and efficient ebike.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today!

Hi. I'm Brent. A local eBike enthusiast turned certified eBike mechanic.

I work from my home workshop and by appointment only.

Let's find out what you need, I'll give you a quote, and we can schedule a time to drop off your eBike.

So, I Can Convert My Bike?

90% of traditional bikes can be converted. The question is: "Should they be?"

Stick to Known Brands

If it's not on Bicycle Blue Book, you'll probably just want to pass.


Be Sure of the Bottom Bracket

33.5mm to 35mm inside diameter, 68mm wide. If not, you'll need adapters.

Classic Bikes Need More Care

Anything over 15 years old? Plan for extra work and consider it a labor of love.

Healthy Components Required

Cables, brakes, derailleur, cassette, and chain in excellent condition.
Kevin and his converted Electra 8 Ball with Tongsheng.jpg
“I can keep up with my partner when we
ride. She's not frustrated with me going too
slow, and I’m not completely exhausted
when we get home.“
Classic Diamondback w/ Tongsheng 500w Mid-drive

“This was an easy conversion. Brent had the special brackets to make it work. Hills are not a problem.”

TerraTrike Gran Tourismo (Tongsheng 500w Mid-drive)

“The workshop was awesome. Kelly and I converted our bikes together. Now we ride all the time and leave the car in the garage.”

Scott & Kelly
Trek Verve 3 / Trek Marlin 5 w/ Tongsheng TSDZ2
“Greenway converted 3 pedicabs for us. Talk about a game changer!“
Pedicab w/ Bafang 750w Mid-drive
“I had this awesome bike just sitting in my garage. Now I have a new eBike. This makes riding around town eaqsy-peasy.“
Electra Townie 7D w/ Tongsheng TSDZ2 500w
“GBC found the right bike for me. We take our bikes to Florida and ride around here on the hills. Love this bike.“
Electra Townie 7D + Tongsheng Pedal Assist Mid-Drive
“I've been wanting to do this for ages. I have a huge hill to my house and this gives me the push I need to get up and over.“
Electra Townie 8-Ball, Tongsheng 500w Mid-Drive
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Stuck on your DIY conversion? Buy an hour of our expert's time to guide you through the process.
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eBiking Is Good For You

Get back on the trail and ride more.
GBC Crank Up Your Cardio.png

Crank Up The Cardio

Your heart rate, your rules. Choose low assist to push your limits, or high assist to extend the ride.

GBC Dial Down The Sweat.png

Dial Back The Sweat

Glide over hills and through headwinds effortlessly on your morning commute with a higher assist.

GBC Level The Playing Field.png

Level The Playing Field

eBikes make group rides more enjoyable by allowing friends and family of different fitness levels to ride together.
Ride with more confidence.png

Boost Confidence

Feel safer and more secure when navigating through traffic, thanks to that extra electric oomph.
GBC Save That Gas.png

Save Some Gas

Reduce your carbon footprint and save some cash by switching to an eBike for shorter trips.

Easy On The Joints

eBikes provide a low-impact workout that aids in overcoming obesity, recovering from surgery, or managing ailments like arthritis.

Hey, I'm Brent Robinson

Founder of Greenway Bike Company
Me and Madoc on our "marketing research" trip to Moab, UT. We tested our converted eBikes on Slick Rock to see if these were the realio dealio. The verdict... Heck Yeah!
In 2019, I was 52 and not healthy—sedentary, pre-diabetic, sleep apnea. The pandemic was my wake-up call.

I was a mountain biker and had a Specialized Stumpjumper in the shed.... collecting dust

Riding was a big-time struggle. I decided an eBike would get me back on the trail. They were scarce and costly.

Plus, I already had a sweet ride. If only I could give it a retrofit.

That's when my son found the DIY eBike conversion community. We converted our bikes in May 2020.

The transformation was incredible—I rediscovered the joy of riding and lost 50 pounds to boot.

Friends started asking for conversions, so we started Greenway Bike Company.

We resell kits from China right now but are working on feature enhancements to make them easier to install and upgrade.

We've participated in two startup accelerators and have already secured $30k in grants for some next generation technology that will change eBiking for everyone.
This isn’t just about converting a few eBikes for me.
We’re a revolution that’s enabling people to ride their best lives.

Join us for the ride — The Revolution Starts Now!